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We enjoy ordering our bats from Stevensville Bat Company each year.

My son loves to be able to pick the style of bat and wood that it is made of. The personalization is also a nice touch. We met Dave in 2012 and toured his workshop and learned about his process. Dave was very easy to talk to and he made great recommendations.

He is very accommodating and provides great service. One year we were flying into Buffalo back from our vacation down south, and he was able to accommodate a visit with us at 9:30 at night as we were passing near his house on the way home. Just this past September my son needed two bats very quickly and he was able to make and ship them to us within a couple of days. We have referred several friends and families to Stevensville Bat Company and we will continue to buy bats from Dave every year.

The Frew Family

To call Dave Kobelka a bat maker is to call Michelangelo a house painter.
Dave is an artist. His research into wood and its relationship to bats ensures superior quality. His research and development results in game ready bats, fungo bats, and the “Wombat” training bat. My teams train with the Wombat and use it in the on-deck circle instead of weights.
Dave’s designed and built my son Aaron’s bats for the last 3 years. Aaron plays elite baseball and was breaking 2-3 high end commercially produced bats each season. Aaron’s baseball schedule included 2 games per week plus tournaments; and up to 300 hits per week in batting practice.
He uses Dave’s bats exclusively.
Dave’s bats have “pop” and strength.
Where can a player have a custom made, custom painted bat made of professional quality at a budget conscious price?
I’ve given Dave’s information to dozens of parents over the years. Subsequently they speak highly of the bats and Dave.
Most importantly both Dave and Rose are quality people. They’ve exceeded my expectations in customer service, information, and quality products.
I make no apologies for the length of this testimonial.
To write less would be like walking into the Sistine Chapel, looking around, and then telling Michelangelo “It’s nice.”
Thank you Dave and Rose for contributing to Aaron’s success.

Marc Cohen

Hi My Name is Jerry Searight .

I’m the current DH for the Welland Chiefs of the Niagara District Baseball League Senior Division. I’m in my 21st season and can boast a better than 300 lifetime batting average. I’ve tried many brands of wood and bamboo/composite bats. I use Stevensville Bats because of the custom fit I get each time. I rely on bat speed to consistently hit the 80 plus mph fast balls … so if I require a 33 minus 3 or 4 it’s never a problem and the handle is always cut just the way I like it. I recommend Stevensville Bats to any player looking for a little more pop !!

On our first visit to Stevensvillle Bat Company, Dave took the time to show us several bats of various weights and styles allowing us to make an informed decision. We placed an order and it was filled as promised. When it came time to thank our coaches, Stevensville Bat Company came through again with customized, engraved fungho bats for each coach. Again the bats were ready when we needed them. Great service and a great product.
John S.

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