During one of our treks to Cooperstown, NY with the Welland Chiefs Baseball team to play Erie Buffalo in our annual year-end Peace Bridge Series, I was inspired to make a few bats over the winter for the upcoming baseball season. In the spring of 2006, I started making bats for teammates, others and myself.  This was the start of the Stevensville Bat Company.  Wood bats are now mandatory in the Niagara District Senior League as well as other leagues in the area, from bantam level and up. Over the past few years, I have sourced the best materials for use in our ash and maple bats and the Stevensville Bat Company will provide you with the craftsmanship of its pro model bats.

Caring for your bat:

  • never throw your bat!
  • never hit anything except a baseball
  • hold your bat with the label facing up or down
  • don’t store your bat in the car. Extreme temperatures can take the moisture of your bat, making it brittle and easier to break
  • we can’t guarantee your bat. We take extreme pride in the fact that each bat is inspected at every step of the manufacturing process before it’s shipped to you but if your bat fails, please contact us with a photo and we will advise how to proceed with replacement.


We highly recommend arranging a personal shop tour to see how your ‘tool of the trade’ is manufactured and get a good understanding of how a bat is made and what to look for.  Swinging different models, weights and lengths will help you to refine your choice…..and to complete your purchase select custom finish, colours and/or engraving just like the pros do!